Fundraising Guide


新皇冠体育盘口For schools seeking to raise money for approved functions such as sports teams, band trips, classroom materials or class outings, MNPS has guidelines in place to walk you through the process.

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These practices and policies are designed to facilitate fundraising, while keeping school staff and affiliated groups aligned with best business practices, state law and MNPS Board of Education policy.

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  • Employees should only engage in fundraising activities that are approved by both the principal and the central office.

  • 新皇冠体育盘口Check first with the school’s bookkeeper before starting a fundraising campaign and coordinate the fundraising project with the bookkeeper throughout.

  • The funds raised must be used only for the stated purpose.

  • 新皇冠体育盘口Employees may not represent themselves as district employees to raise funds for non-MNPS activities.

  • All fundraising activities, including online platform campaigns, must be approved before the activity begins.

  • Fundraising requests, paperwork, and approvals – including the Fundraiser Authorization Form – must be kept on file both in the MNPS Department of School Audit and at the school.

  • Summary reports must be completed and kept on file at the school and at the MNPS Department of School Audit.

  • MNPS fundraising companies and vendors must be approved. The school bookkeeper will ensure that the vendor has been approved to do business with MNPS. Approved vendors will likely include two online fundraising platforms, and.

  • No MNPS employee shall personally benefit from any fundraising activities.

  • All funds must be deposited in the appropriate account at the school.

  • 新皇冠体育盘口No school shall require any student to participate in a fundraiser. . states that students may not be penalized for choosing not to participate by withholding grades or transcripts and may not be excluded from the activity. Rewards for participation will not be considered discriminatory.

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