MNPS ReimaginED

an initiative TO improve academic outcomes for all students

Metro Schools is a diverse, vibrant school system, committed to finding innovative solutions that provide students with the best possible Pre-K—12 experience.  

新皇冠体育盘口Through Metro Schools’  ReimaginED initiative, a comprehensive planning process that seeks to thoroughly review many different types of information – including student  academic achievement, current and projected enrollment, building use, programs and staffing – and take that information to reimagine how to best improve academic outcomes for all students, the district is exploring new systems of supports, rebranded and strengthened academic pathways and a focus on cluster climate and culture. 

新皇冠体育盘口In addition, ReimaginED includes studying new ways to use community partnerships and wrap-around services to strengthen school communities, as well as provide more training and professional development for leaders and teachers. 

新皇冠体育盘口Metro Schools ReimaginED is an evolution of the MNPS Next conversation led in 2017 about improving student outcomes, makeing our district more efficient and increasing enrollment to provide a high-quality education to all students.

Online Cluster Community Meetings

新皇冠体育盘口Join Metro Schools staff for a virtual cluster-specific community meeting to learn more about the MNPS ReimaginED plan to improve student academic achievement, among other ideas. (Video of previous meetings are linked below.)

Whites Creek ReimaginED Cluster Overview Town Hall Meeting

  • 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 29

  • 新皇冠体育盘口Join the Zoom Meeting via this link:

  • 新皇冠体育盘口Meeting ID: 951 0130 8965

Principal Selection Meetings

新皇冠体育盘口The principal is the most critical member of a school’s team. He or she shapes the school, guides students’ instruction, and sets a tone for progress. Because it is such an important job that has a direct impact on every student and employee, we want you to be involved in the process for hiring a new principal. We are hosting a series of a virtual community meetings to discuss the principal selection process for newly consolidated schools. We look forward to sharing a brief overview and hearing your thoughts on qualities we need when selecting new leadership. 

Please visit our district calendar新皇冠体育盘口 for Principal selection meeting times and dates.

Proposal Approved

During its , the Board of Education approved a ReimaginED proposal for consolidations and one school closure in two different clusters. Our schools are important cornerstones of our communities, and consolidating and closing schools are difficult decisions. Each proposal was the result of significant research and analysis, made by weighing the immediate impact on students, staff, and communities with the long-term benefits.  

The recommendations below were designed to better serve our students by creating supportive, engaging learning environments. Studying enrollment and capacity at these specific schools, and consolidating where possible, will let us focus our attention on improving academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students in these clusters.  

新皇冠体育盘口The Board of Education approved the proposal, and these consolidations will go into effect for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will report to their new school assignments when schools reopen in August 2020. The first phase of consolidations and closures are: 

新皇冠体育盘口1.    consolidating into  (Whites Creek Cluster),  

2.    consolidating into  and  (Whites Creek Cluster, including this proposed rezoning),  

3.    consolidating into  (Pearl-Cohn Cluster),  

4.   Closing , which helps students with credit recovery prior to graduation. Students would return to their zoned high schools to do the work. Other programs, such as the , will continue as they currently are in the Cohn School building, which MNPS will still own and operate.

This proposal goes beyond only consolidating facilities. ReimaginED also includes redesigning what academic programming and student supports will look like in each cluster, unifying instruction and experiences for students as they progress from elementary school to middle school and to high school.

Under this proposal, the Maplewood Cluster would become an AVID-programmed cluster, with an emphasis on advanced academics and STEAM; the Pearl-Cohn Cluster would become a Music City Arts and Health Sciences cluster with an emphasis on advanced academics; and the Whites Creek Cluster would become an Early College/STEAM Academic Cluster, where students will be able to earn dual credits and graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.   

Metro Schools’ focus on making the best decisions to improve student success would not be possible without our teachers’ and support staff’s commitment and dedication. We are equally as invested in helping our employees find success. All teachers with positive evaluations (tenured and non-tenured) will be offered a teaching assignment for the 2020-21 school year. Any support employee whose position is affected can also apply for other vacancies within the district.  We stand ready to support students, teachers and other staff in making this important transition.  

Previous community meetings

Metro Schools has hosted a series of virtual community meetings in each cluster to share an overview of cluster supports and to take questions from families. You can watch the meeting recordings below.

·     Pearl-Cohn Cluster

新皇冠体育盘口o   Buena Vista and Jones Paideia Elementary Schools () 

·     Whites Creek Cluster 

o   Joelton and Haynes Middle Schools, Robert E. Lillard, Alex Green and Cumberland Elementary Schools ()

·     The Cohn School ()

·     Whites Creek, Pearl-Cohn and Maplewood clusters virtual community meeting to discuss improved academic and social-emotional outcomes with strategic planning and focused academic programming. () 

·     ReimaginED Meetings ()

  •   Maplewood Cluster

新皇冠体育盘口o   Monday, June 1

o   Meeting link: 

·     Pearl-Cohn Cluster

新皇冠体育盘口o   Tuesday, June 2

新皇冠体育盘口Meeting link: 

  • Whites Creek Cluster: 

o   Thursday, June 4

o   Meeting link: